4 February 2014

Zzzzoomed in.

I don't know about you, but close-ups of insects aren't usually something I like to look at. Please, make an exception for these guys. They won't harm you, I already shot them for you!  

These are two of the first photos I took with my new D3100. I love how sharp these turned out, especially because of the contrast with the vague background. 

Because I took them at the end of spring (2013) during sunset the colors turned out extremely vibrant. Looking at these pictures makes me realize spring is my favorite season for a reason.   

Reasons I love spring: 
- Days are long, but not long enough too be kept awake by the sunlight (perfect).
- It's warm outside, so I can wear T-shirts without vests.
- It's my birthday season! 
- The smell of rain on warm asphalt...
- etc. etc.

Please, let me know what you think of these pictures! And also, I am curious, what's your favorite season?