5 February 2014

The start of a new day.

I am not a morning person. Absolutely not. There should be an award for getting out of bed, because, if you're one of these people who "just get up", you deserve some respect. I would never in my life receive that award, but hey, everyone's got their own talent! I would win a "being late for school"-award for sure...

I am ALWAYS late for school. I just can't get out of bed and half an our truly feels like five minutes before 10 AM.
So, today I was rushing again when I decided to ask my mother for a favor: "mom", I asked, "would you please drive me to school?" ... she mumbled something in reply that ended with the words "uuhg, yes"... HALLELUJAH! I was going to be right on time for once and, even better, I had 5 minutes extra to do with whatever I wanted! 

I went to my room to fix my face [read: apply make-up], but saw something more interesting: the view. There was a sunrise happening right in front of me. (You have to realize I normally don't witness anything that takes place before I arrive at school, we can blame my auto-pilot for that.) But, here it was: a real sunrise, as real as in the movies. 

I decided this was capture-worthy. I shot it, now I'm sharing it. 

This is what the street I live in looks like. I almost feel like this village has some beauty to it! At least if I focus on the birds and sky real hard...

 After applying a lot of contrast: 

PS. something went wrong while uploading the pictures, I am still trying to figure out what, but that explains the weird structure on the second photo. Excuses moi.  

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