22 May 2014

Dark dandelions.

A few weeks ago I was in the garden trying out some options on my camera. Most of the time when I am just playing with my camera I take pictures of flowers, because we have a lot of flowers in our garden and I never really feel like going out in public while messing around. Usually you guys don't see any of these pictures because that would be just boring, a blog full of flowers. But this time the pictures are different. I used picasa (3) to adapt them a little bit. Just a little bit... 

By the way, I am sorry for posting this little and irregular, but I am very busy :( But hey, I guess you could say that I am "back in black" now ;)

I also like these pictures because dandelions are seen as weeds by most people and I actually find very beautiful this way!     

21 March 2014

After sunshine comes rain...

They told me this would happen, still i wasn't prepared for it... A whole day of rain, it's just... Just no. Even worse, I had to drive my bicycle to school and ended up soaked. Almost froze to death in the classroom, but I survived. AND I brought my camera to school, which not only made my bag almost explode with another bag in it, but also gave me the chance to take some pictures on my way home!

Have you seen my previous article already? Please take a look at it so you can see the enormous difference just one night can make! 

Soggy landscapes.


In the spotlight!

Wow, what a beautiful day yesterday... Unfortunately I had to study because my school planned a "week of tests" this week, which is actually a week when you don't have any lessons planned, but only tests. I know this doesn't sound so bad, but nine major tests in one week stresses me out like hell.
I was being a little optimistic at first thinking this weather would probably last till next week. I should have known better, because here, in the Netherlands, after sunshine comes rain... No exceptions.

So I decided to go outside right then and take some pictures. 

These are the first ones I shot of a flower in full sunbeam. I wish I could stay like this all day, even though I would probably end up the same color... As in sunburned.  

To be continued...

8 February 2014


A short post before heading to work. The sunset! This is the view from our living room. I see it every day, but it is never the same and still beautiful!

5 February 2014

The start of a new day.

I am not a morning person. Absolutely not. There should be an award for getting out of bed, because, if you're one of these people who "just get up", you deserve some respect. I would never in my life receive that award, but hey, everyone's got their own talent! I would win a "being late for school"-award for sure...

I am ALWAYS late for school. I just can't get out of bed and half an our truly feels like five minutes before 10 AM.
So, today I was rushing again when I decided to ask my mother for a favor: "mom", I asked, "would you please drive me to school?" ... she mumbled something in reply that ended with the words "uuhg, yes"... HALLELUJAH! I was going to be right on time for once and, even better, I had 5 minutes extra to do with whatever I wanted! 

I went to my room to fix my face [read: apply make-up], but saw something more interesting: the view. There was a sunrise happening right in front of me. (You have to realize I normally don't witness anything that takes place before I arrive at school, we can blame my auto-pilot for that.) But, here it was: a real sunrise, as real as in the movies. 

I decided this was capture-worthy. I shot it, now I'm sharing it. 

This is what the street I live in looks like. I almost feel like this village has some beauty to it! At least if I focus on the birds and sky real hard...

 After applying a lot of contrast: 

PS. something went wrong while uploading the pictures, I am still trying to figure out what, but that explains the weird structure on the second photo. Excuses moi.  

4 February 2014

Zzzzoomed in.

I don't know about you, but close-ups of insects aren't usually something I like to look at. Please, make an exception for these guys. They won't harm you, I already shot them for you!  

These are two of the first photos I took with my new D3100. I love how sharp these turned out, especially because of the contrast with the vague background. 

Because I took them at the end of spring (2013) during sunset the colors turned out extremely vibrant. Looking at these pictures makes me realize spring is my favorite season for a reason.   

Reasons I love spring: 
- Days are long, but not long enough too be kept awake by the sunlight (perfect).
- It's warm outside, so I can wear T-shirts without vests.
- It's my birthday season! 
- The smell of rain on warm asphalt...
- etc. etc.

Please, let me know what you think of these pictures! And also, I am curious, what's your favorite season?